Furcation Code of Conduct


You can view a PDF copy of the Code of Conduct here.



This code of conduct covers all aspects of the “Furcation” event. In registering to attend an event, you are bound to these terms as per the contract of sale between yourself and “Furcation LTD”. “Furcation” is a trading name of “Furcation LTD”. From hence forward, “Furcation LTD” will be referred to as “Furcation” to reflect the event taking place.

Registration and Identification

1. All attendees to Furcation must be over the age of 18, and will be required to carry ID. Failure to carry ID may result in you being asked to leave the venue by the Venue staff/ Furcation Security Team

2. Furcation reserves the right to refuse entry to the event to any person. If you feel that you have been unfairly refused access, you will need to raise a complaint with the chairman using the contact details listed below or by using the complaint option on our 'contact us' page.

3. Only registered attendees may enter the Furcation exclusive event spaces of the Sandy Glade Holiday Park, Burnham on Sea, Somerset, TA8 2QX. Your lanyard and identity badge must be worn at all times during the Furcation event as to identify you as an attendee. Any tampering with the identity badge (stickers/labels/pen etc) is strictly forbidden.

5. If you lose the key to your accommodation, you must report its loss to the Holiday park reception desk as soon as you become aware to the loss. The park will charge £10 for the loss of the key and will then issue you with a new key for the accommodation.

6. There will be no tickets available on the day. Registration is through the website only during the registration window, the closure of which will be announced via our social media channels.

General Behaviour

1. Please treat other Furcation event attendees, Furcation Staff, Venue staff and members of the public respectfully.

2. If you are told to stop or to leave someone alone, you will do so immediately. There is no discussion.

3. Not everyone wishes to be hugged, tickled, pounced etc. If you are unsure if someone wishes to receive a hug or tickle etc, please ask that person first as some reserve such activities for family and/or close friends/significant other only.

4. Harassment of attendees, Furcation staff or venue staff will not be tolerated. Such matters will be handled by our security team with a final decision taken by the chairman and/or Vice chairman. Dependent on the nature of the harassment, we may also involve law enforcement agencies for resolution in line with the victim's wishes.

5. Furcation cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to any personal items you may bring with you, nor can Furcation be held responsible for any one person’s conduct at a Furcation event. Any breaches of this code of conduct witnessed must be reported to a member of the security team.

6. Filming, photography and/or reporting at the Furcation venue in any capacity other than for personal use (i.e uploads to Twitter, Vine, Tumblr, Vimeo and Youtube) will require prior written consent from the Furcation chairman.

7. The use of personal Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (commonly referred to as Drones) is strictly prohibited. Those attempting to fly drones at the park during the event will be asked to put the drone away in their accommodation. Persistent attempts to fly a drone during Furcation will result in the attendee being asked to leave.

8. Items such as water pistols, 'gunge' and silly string, as well as body paint that could stain or damage clothing and fursuits are not permitted unless at an organised event whereby an activity takes place involving these articles. It will then be expected that those articles are used within that event only and within that events designated space. If in doubt, ask the Furcation staff members first and always apply common sense.

9. All weapons, including look-alikes & replicas, must be inspected by a security staff member and be peace bound to ensure the safety of all attendees.

10. Furcation cannot be held liable for any injury or illness sustained during the course of the event. We will of course do our best to assist with either our trained first aid staff or by calling for medical assistance from healthcare officials. We will handle these on a case by case basis.

Clothing and Decency

1. We ask that attendees consider their peers when dressing for the event. Nudity is NOT permitted at any time. As a bare minimum, we ask that the groin and thighs are suitably covered and a vest or T shirt are worn. The bare minimum therefore is shorts that come to half thigh length and a vest, t shirt or tank top that covers the main chest and stomach areas. See through net type vests are permitted, however common sense is advised when it comes to modesty. If in doubt please speak to a member of Con-Ops staff.

2. Sexual behaviour that goes beyond a mere display of affection is not allowed in public. Keep this in your accommodation! A mere display of public affection is limited to kissing (no tongues), hugging/cuddling or holding hands.

3. Display of adult-themed materials is not permitted in any area of the venue except for within the accommodations. This includes (but is not limited to): door signs, flyers, business cards, posters, flags, canvases, physical items and drawings on public message boards.

4. Blatant exposure of Fetish gear is not permitted in public, even if it is part of a costume. If you are unsure please speak with ConOps/Security about the matter but the final say is theirs. No discussion on allowance will be made during the event.

5. Inflatable costumes or visibly "anatomically correct" costumes are not permitted.

6. No costumes or accessories related to age-play, pet-play, bondage or sadomasochism are permitted. The only exceptions are as follows: -Collars with no leash attached -Leather wristbands with no 'D' loops/'D' rings present -Accessories used in an 'innocent' context i.e. a harness on a sled dog costume.

Alcohol and other Drugs

1. You are expected to drink in a responsible manner, and you will be held liable for your actions if you are intoxicated.

2. Anyone found to be intoxicated to the level of incapacity will be escorted to their accommodation by the Head of Security. This may lead to your expulsion from the event once you are deemed sober enough to leave. Furthermore, at the discretion of the Chairman you may be banned permanently from the event.

3. Smoking is prohibited within the accommodations and indoor areas of the park as per the UK law. All outdoor areas can be used for smoking, however, we ask that common sense is applied. Smoking next to a group of Fursuiters for example would be considered rude.

4. The possession, sale or consumption of any illegal substance (including, but not limited to, LSD, Cocaine, Marijuana, amphetamines, Ketamine, Ecstasy etc) is strictly forbidden. Anyone found with such substances will be detained, reported to the police and indefinitely banned from the Furcation event.

5. Abuse of legal substances will also not be tolerated.

6. E-cigarettes and 'vaping'/vapour inhaling is permitted within the non-smoking accommodations provided that no fumes/smoke are given off and that it is purely vapour being emitted by the device.

Venue Areas

1. Interfering with fire protection systems and devices is a criminal offence. This includes triggering fire alarms, disabling smoke detectors in your accommodation and misusing fire equipment.

2. Do not deliberately crack open glow sticks or similar items, i.e. anything containing dyeing, sticky or corrosive material.

3. As per the venue policy, you are not permitted to bring any animals/pets onto the venue grounds.

4. After midnight, we request that you keep the noise to a minimum as other event attendees or the park’s own residents may be sleeping.


1. You are expected to treat your accommodation and its contents reasonably and with care. You will be liable to pay for any damage caused during your stay.

2. You must not disturb people in any other accommodation. Please keep the noise down after midnight.

3. 'Ghosting' (staying overnight in accommodation not booked or paid for by yourself) is not permitted. In the event of this taking place, the offenders will be asked to leave the venue, regardless of any inconvenience or cost this may cause them. Furcation will not have a duty to find the offenders any accommodation or transport back home. Refusal to leave the park will result in the police being summoned to remove you from the site. As the site is being hired to Furcation and is not a public place for the duration of the event, you do not have a right to be on site if you have not paid for your membership.

Final Note

If you feel you have been treated unfairly, please contact the Chairman or Vice Chairman after the event in writing.