Furcation Recruitment Page

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to volunteer for a convention or a major furry event? Here is your chance to do it. This page is where we will be hosting our vacancies for Furcation. If you have the relevant experience required, anybody is welcome to join... Oh, by the way, we know everyone won't have experience in helping at a convention or major event. When we say experience, we also mean experience outside of furry, so your job role or previous jobs, your hobbies, things like that.

The vacancies are down below as well as how to apply for them. You will then be contacted by a member of our staff who will discuss things with you. Please be aware that any data taken during the recruitment process will be used entirely for recruitment and will be destroyed once the process has ceased. If we decide to accept your application, further details may be taken, but this will be advised at the time as to what will be required and why it is required. If you have any questions regarding this, contact our Data Protection Officer at [email protected]

If you want to be a volunteer instead...

If you do not want to be a full time staff member, but would like to give some of your time up to help the event, you can apply to be a volunteer. Volunteers are the helpers, the busy bees as it were, that help the staff make Furcation a huge success, and previous years have been no exception. We cannot run the event without the help of our volunteers.

Would you like to help give up some of your time to help Furcation 2019 become a success? Please fill in the information form as accurately as you can and a member of our volunteer/logistics team will be in touch if you are accepted. Please bear in mind that applying to be a volunteer, you are only a volunteer for Furcation 2019. No applications are carried forward to future events. You will have to re-apply if you want to take part in future Furcation years.

Please be advised that this form is only to apply to be a volunteer, not for any of the staff listings below.

Click here for the form.





Our operations team is the main point of contact for attendees and staff. You'll be part of a hard working team whose goal is to log and help resolve attendee issues and keep the staff teams communicating. The role of an Operations Assistant involves working with other members of the Operations team to staff the Operations helpdesk, where you will be helping answer attendee questions and assist them with event-related issues. You may also be responsible for answering queries from staff over the internal two-way radio, and relaying announcements to attendees via the "Furcation Live" Twitter and Telegram accounts.

Good communication skills are essential, and prior customer service or ConOps experience would be a bonus.

Apply by emailing [email protected] with a quick summary of who you are, the position you're applying for and any relevant experience you have.



You will assist with on-site registration by helping to distribute information for attendees and sponsor packs.

The applicant must be reliable, a natural hard worker and patient with people. Previous experience helping with on-site registration at an event (Furry or otherwise) would be advantageous, but not essential. Preferably the applicant would be booked in for early arrival on site.

To apply email [email protected] along with the reasons why you would like to apply and what time you are willing to give up.


Furcation are always looking for security members, First Aid assistants and stewards to join our current team. Security officers must hold an in-date SIA badge.

First Aid assistants require an in-date 'First Aid at Work' accreditation or better (Essential First Aid at Work is not accepted).

If you have neither of these but are happy to help the First Aiders or the Security Officers, you can still apply to be a steward, which means you will be an extra pair of hands for this team, which could gain you vital experience for the future.

Previous experience is essential as we need to see evidence of your SIA badge or First Aid certification. As a steward, experience is advantageous but not essential.

To apply, e-mail [email protected]



Furcation is hiring photo/videographers! Got a passion for your art and want to share it? Message @scruff_the_fur or @BrandyTheWuff on Telegram with some info about you, why you're applying and any relevant experience! If you've got one, a portfolio of existing work is a big bonus!



Do you have a bubbly personality, a smile on your face most of the time and are a natural performer? We are looking for an extra events host to join our entertainment team. You will help with the setting up and tearing down of events and then hosting a few of the events that run during Furcation. The entertainments team is one of the few teams in Furcation that is primarily 'customer facing', so we need somebody that can communicate well with others and that has a sense of humour, as our attendees are there to have fun.

No experience is required but any evidence of a helpful and caring personality would be advantageous. Not all of your time will be spent hosting events, so you will have free time to enjoy Furcation as well.

E-mail [email protected] for more information or to apply



You will assist with the fursuit liaison manager in making sure fursuiters are looked after.

The applicant must be reliable and flexible as their duties may vary from day to daay. Duties include making sure the fursuit lounge is stocked up and suitably comfortable for fursuiters as well as looking after fursuiters during any events.

To apply email [email protected] along with the reasons why you would like to apply and what time you are willing to give up.