The Staff of Furcation

It takes a lot of dedicated furries a lot of time, effort and a lot of tea bags/coffee jars to bring you an event like Furcation, and we feel that they all deserve recognition for their hard work! These are also the people you should look for at the event if you need some help.


Chairman - Jasper Foxx

Vice Chairman / Accounts - Anthropuppy

Data Protection Officer - Mikeus Wolf

Head of Welfare - Geo Panda / Bad Boy Bunny

Head of Medical - Phoenix Behemoth / Stone Mane

Head of Creative Media - Poker Fox / Scruff / Brandy

Head of Operations - Cosmo

Head of Entertainments - Ulfer Wolfy

Head of Charity Liaison - Dogwai

Public Relations / Social Media Manager - CD Seadragom

Head of Logistics/Volunteers - Ash Blackthorn

Head of AV / Web Development - IMrBlueFox

Head of Fursuit Liaison - Rico Husky

Head of Registration - Kosey

Assistant Manager of Entertainments / Dealers Manager -  Starfire

Assistant Manager of Logistics/Volunteers - MattyK

SIA Welfare Lead - Zenny

SIA Officers - Mason, Malta, Peppermint, Dranalith, Rigby, Iracundia

First Aid - Feyyore, KitCat

Operations Staff - Grey, Gothicat, PraxisWolf, Prince 'Cody' Lynxie, Koomoe, Viper, Foxie

Entertainments Staff - Frio, Jaxx Shepherd, Zuki

AV / Web Development Assistant - Tim

Audio / Visual Assistant - Leoki

Fursuit Liaison Assistant - Kai Fox, Sayre Foxx

Electrical Engineer - Spark Vulpis

Logistics Assistant - Matrix Husky, Teecho

Registration Assistant - Lucky Liolf, Ant, Milo Foxtorian

Photographer / Videographer - Latte, Spencer, Anuku Temple, Crofty Raccoon, Kitchi Brave

Artist / Animator - Jax, MUTE Studios, Parsonsda, Linny, FreyFox, Isha